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My Review of A Clockwork Orange

Even though I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about ‘A Clockwork Orange’, somehow I’ve decided to read it only at the age of 25. I don’t know why it took me so long, but the book blew me away completely.

I consider the book to be one of the most controversial works of literature to have ever been written, and I’m surely not the only one to think so. I had a lot of conflicting emotions reading it. Yet, I believe that this is one of the most refreshing reading pieces that exist nowadays. After all, you do not necessarily have to like the main character of the story to enjoy reading a book, right? Besides, having an antagonist as the main character is way more exiting.

The most obvious thing to mention in a book review about “A Clockwork Orange’ is the slang that was invented by Anthony Burgess. It is quite hard to deny its influence on the modern language since even the recent edition of Chambers Oxford Dictionary includes the word ‘droog’, for instance.

What is particularly interesting about this book is that a lot of readers tend to sympathize with Alex despite all the terrible things he has done. Perhaps, the reason for that is the ability of the majority of people to understand how troubled and deeply unhappy the main character is.

I was completely absorbed in this book which is why it took very little time to finish reading it (which I think is a good sign). If you are looking for a mind-blowing book to read and you have not seen the film adaptation of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, I would definitely recommend it. At times, you might feel terrified or even disgusted. Yet, you will definitely be impressed which I think is the main goal of any work of literature – to impress a reader and to make sure they remember the story.